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"In 1919," Hitler would later state, "I stood for so little." Hitler Secret Conversations 322
...given Hitler something to stand for--a "fight against 'Versailles.'" Bracher 83
...developed areas of the Rhineland for fifteen years. See March 740-800 for treaty.
...the right of national self-determination in Europe. Grimm 1331-32
...set up with its own sovereign and independent national state." Palmer 699
...could be no clearer case for national unification," Taylor 173
...the people in question happen to be Germans!" Speeches of Adolf Hitler 1405
...lashed out at the victors for continuing the "murderous blockade," Detwiler 172
...British leader "laughed," and the British chancellor "yawned." Waite 359
...taught to think and feel in a national and patriotic way." M.K. Murphy 125
..."Who Bears the Guilt for the World War?" Flood 63
...group leaders had delivered their speeches. See Toland 90, Maser 107-8, Flood 63,
          Payne 129
...without knowing it, occurred now: I could 'speak.'" M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 290
...Hitler had become the "star" of the program. Flood 63, Payne 129
...compels the attention of his listeners and makes them think his way." Toland 90
..."ability to carry away his audience" with him. Maser 107
...fresh hope but also impatience, hatred and a thirst for revenge." Ibid 108
...trivial duties like the distribution of leaflets. Ibid 107
...would later write, "I 'nationalized' the troops." M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 290
...when Hitler "came to the question of the Jews." Flood 64
...could give Jews reason to regard these speeches as Jew-baiting." Flood 64
...the "many Jews in the ruling Social Democratic party" Hanser 190
..."hints about a strange race should be avoided." Flood 64
...proposes...to release your official report to the Press." Maser 114
..."appropriate patriotic attitude to take toward the Jews," Flood 64
...because of their harmful and destructive endeavors, Maser Notes 213
...destructive endeavors,  "whether conscious or unconscious." Payne 129
...nevertheless possesses the same political privileges that we do. Payne 130
...and Hugo Preuss was the "author of the Weimar Constitution," Bracher 232, Passant 158
...the incidents of the day swelled to portentous vastness." Fest 120
...The final aim must be the deliberate removal of the Jews...  Payne 131
...from our midst. Maser Notes 215
...Yours respectfully, Adolf Hitler   Payne 131
...must, like viruses, either be eliminated or [contained]." Maser 115
...get troop level down to 200,000 officers and troops. Part V, Section 1, Article 163
...infinitely near to my heart, the army." M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 290
...in all parts of the small hall where the soldiers assembled." M.K. Murphy 125
..."lion's share" of the credit for their success. Maser 108
...Passau where he had once lived as a boy. Hitler Secret Conversations 322,
         Speeches of Adolf Hitler 1
...Lance corporal, Munich, 2nd Infantry Regiment). Phelps 979
...a new foundation like so many others." M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 293
...brother-in-law of von Muller) substituted for him. Payne 135-6
... "chiefly from among the lower walks of life." M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 292
...four businessmen, two engineers, a daughter of a judge and a professor. Payne 135, Flood 65-6
...separation from Germany and union with Austria. Hanser 192
...without being forced again to attend such interesting meetings." M.K. Reynal &     
         Hitchcock 294-295
...the worker had given me. And so I began to read." M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 295-6
...or against being associated with the "Left." Heiden 94
...my own development come to life before my eyes." M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 296
...he had come to the same conclusion "twelve years ago." Ibid 296
...sat at a table....I was somewhat taken aback." See M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 297,   
        Manheim 221, Murphy 128
...worst manner and sort. Was I to join this organization? M.K. Manheim 221-22
...Hitler had "stopped smiling." Ibid 222
...only obvious good faith and good intentions." Hitler Mein Kampf (German Ed) 241
Their largest gathering... Phelps 979
...was to have been one of Munich's best anti-leftist speakers. Payne 135
...hitherto controlled the internal affairs of the nation." M.K. Murphy 128-9
... the aims to be achieved and the road to be taken." Ibid 129
...waiting for the masses who were expected to appear." M.K. Manheim 354
...until "Fate," as he later wrote, "pointed out the way." M.K. Murphy 129
The Army at this time, regarded it as a patriotic duty...  Passant 158
...was to support right wing political organizations. Bullock 42-3
...working outside the army as propagandists of nationalist views Cross 57
...competition for the few places available in the new army, Waite 235
...accepted for re-enlistment into the new army. Ibid 235
Hitler, then received orders  from Mayr to report on political parties with the hope of
      joining a "worker's party" and helping in its expansion. See Toland 94, Bracher 83,
      M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 291-301
...how this 'educated' world would confront me. See M.K. Manheim 224, Reynal &
       Hitchcock 300-301, Murphy 129-30
...I request the Captain's permission to join this association or party." Flood 74
...in charge of "recruitment and propaganda." Fest 125
...interest among the working classes proved a "perfect failure." Heiden 90
...committee meetings "once a week....each Wednesday"  M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 491
...would succeed in filling this 'mighty' edifice with people." M.K. Manheim 355
...speak on "The Jewish question a German Question." Phelps 979
...the meeting room was nearly filled with 111 people. Flood 75
...Rightist newspaper Munchener Beobachter (Munich Observer). Phelps 979
...newspapers" which he stated "suppressed" the truth. Flood 76

**...I could speak [to the public]."**  M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 492. Compare this
      statement with an earlier similar comment on p290. Historians often confuse the
       two. See also Manheim's translation on p355 with earlier similar comment on 

...noted that "Herr Hitler" spoke "with passion." Phelps 979
...50 pfennigs admission--an innovation in Bavarian politics. Hanser 200, Flood 77
...discredit the speaker or make sure he wasn't heard. Flood 77
...a "'precautionary measure for the prevention of an unlawfulness,'" M.K. Reynal &
        Hitchcock 724
...about 300 people were in the hall. Hanser 200
...and 129 guests had paid their half Mark. Flood 77
...anticommunist speakers" with Hitler being their main target. Ibid
...emotion that set him apart from other speakers, Toland 99
...as "the leaders of the bloody Soviet government in Bavaria." Flood 77
The interruption only spurred Hitler to greater heights. Toland 99
... "twenty million too many Germans" brought outrage. Hanser 201, Flood 78
...German misery must be broken by German iron. This day must come. Hanser 201
...The end of Hitler's speech was met with "tumultuous applause." Hanser 201
...policeman reported that Hitler's speech was "masterful" Hanser 200
...sure to become a "professional propaganda speaker." Toland 99
...a low profile "conspiratorial right-wing network," Flood 77
...The Committee  Cross 58
...the officers used the poor showing to attack Hitler. M.K. Manheim 358, M.K. Reynal
       & Hitchcock 496
...Hitler "had more ideas, was more adept and more energetic." Fest 126
...a safely arrived letter let loose an interminable argument." Flood 79, Manheim 354
... a feeling for his own value and usefulness for the movement." Flood 79
...would later state: "On overcast days everything was dark." Heiden 97
...propaganda," Hitler stated. "Everything depends on Propaganda." Hanser 200