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...represented by four Army officers along with twenty soldiers. Hanser 203, Flood 86
... in the hope that they'd help me to reach the intellectual class." Hitler Secret
359, See also Picker 159.
... while the country became more Marxist every year. M.K. Manheim 360
...the upper classes were driven by "stupidity and pride," Picker 458
...and that they really "believed in nothing." Hitler Secret Conversations 572
...jurists are either born defective or become so through practice." Picker 161
..."They're the people who used to burn witches!" Hitler Secret Conversations  262
...who "lived in perpetual fear of irritating the Reds," Ibid 572
... fled at the "sight of every communist blackjack," M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 499
...with their "weapons of the mind." M.K. Murphy 204
...who were willing to fight, physically, for what they believed in. See DeJonge Stalin 40
...so as to win the trust of the working class." Picker 205
...that ex-soldiers understood immediately. See Remarque 13, 21, 41, 128
...to rid the party of "scared rabbits” or “fraidy-cats," Picker 205
...with violence, we will defend against with violence." Hitler Mein Kampf (German Ed)
...attract the "better elements of the working classes." Picker 206
...Our success will force the millions to follow us." Heiden 112
...from the very beginning, as he saw it, attempted to "educate" Picker 378
...behaved the same toward them as he did anyone. Toland fn: 108
...a charge which was only too easy to make stick." Hanfstaengl 35-6
...alienating the working class from their Jewish leaders." Picker 206
Shortly after, 37 new members joined the party in one day. Phelps fn: 985
...shortly after Hitler to become member "623." Payne 142, Bracher 88, Fest 135
..."she knew she was always welcome." Toland 100
...as long as they were "real fanatics" as he put it. Picker 205
...he published a weekly paper with a readership of 30,000. Toland 82
There he ate and drank excessively and did most of his writing  Payne 138-9
...was characterized by "bluntness and coarseness." Hanser 208
Hitler considered Eckart "a writer full of idealism." Hitler Secret Conversations 291
...moving among the people with a terrible power of conviction." Payne 139
...and could scare the shit out of the rabble. Fest 140
...and doesn't run away when people start swinging table legs." Hanser 209
...so dedicated to his mission that he felt no need for women. Payne 139
"Then," Eckart concluded, "we'll get the women." M.K. Manheim fn 687
...was soon introducing Hitler around as the "long-promised savior." Payne 139
..the bathroom, you can even regulate the heat of the water. Hanfstaengl 44
...very careful to adhere to the proper forms of address Hanfstaengl 131
...and "those of better education, title or academic attainment" Hanfstaengl 40
He had a "winning way" Hanfstaengl 40
...but he also picked up most of Hitler's bills. Hanser 210
...Each verse ended with the words--"Germany, awake." Hanser 210
...I was intellectually a child still on the bottle." Hitler Secret Conversations 222

**...in his writing and his thoughts and finally in his deeds: 'Dietrich Eckart'"** M.K.
     Manheim 687.  Eckart died from overeating and overdrinking in the last days of

"It's only with time that I've come to realize my mistake." Hitler Secret Conversations 360
"Hitler's success was his own energy and ability as a political leader." Bullock 43
..."Political Parties and Their Significance" became one of his main topics. Phelps 980
He learned, as he put it, "how to win over the worker." Picker 204
... "are going to rival Luther's placard on the doors of Wittenberg." Toland 100
..."influence on the mightiest factor of our time, public opinion." M.K. Manheim 369
...threatening to shoot Hitler and whoever appeared on the stage with him. Phelps 983
...not only makes the biggest impression but also wins supporters." M.K. Manheim 365
...but he was never informed that Adolf Hitler was to follow him. Phelps 983
...addressed to "The Suffering Public" Flood 101
...Versailles'" and "War Guilt" announced the coming event. M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock 703, 696, 695
...nor was there any mention of the 25 point program. Phelps 983
...he also worried that the meeting might be "broken up." M.K. Manheim 365
...broke out in the streets and beer halls of Munich. Hanser 206
The crowd, however, included about 400 Communists and Socialists Phelps 983
... who had come to disrupt the meeting. Flood 101
...at meetings to attack the opponent table by table." Hitler Secret Conversations 265
...He made no direct comments about the "Jews" Phelps 983
government in Berlin was "under the influence of foreign races." Phelps 984
...leadership and forecast the coming of a German "savior." Phelps 984
...basically the same one he had given many times before. Payne 147
...thanked him and also the Communists for keeping quiet. Phelps 983
...his eyes flashed, his arm flung up, and he began to gesture. Toland 101
...more kinds of diversion are constantly being invented." Hanser 222
...Hitler carried on as clashes continued in various parts of the hall. Toland 101
...win for him the admiration of men for many years to come. Speer 23
...These interruptions greatly strengthened my performance." See Sec Cons 393 & Picker 206
...I believed that at any moment they would all be fighting." Payne 148
...whatever their station or occupation." Payne 144
...Christianity without binding itself to any one particular confession." Payne 145
..."punished with death regardless of religion or race." Payne 144
...on the basis of the principle of self-determination of all people." Payne 143
...would forge one of Hitler's "sharpest and most effective weapons" Heiden 93
...the greatest possible profit for his own movement." M.K. Manheim 100
...as long as there is a minimum of economic injustices. See M.K. Reynal & Hitchcock
      59-60, Manheim 45, Murphy 35
...appealed to socialists and nationalists alike. Jarman 82
..."none" of the leftists had the courage or conviction to vote against it. Flood 103
...loudly singing the Communist International Phelps 985
...and cheering the Soviet Republic Fest 128
...with intermittent shouts of "down with...the German Nationalists." Phelps 985
...of which he himself was not absolutely convinced." Toland 101
...the fate of Germany, Hitler was that man." Toland 102
...around forty more people joined the party by the next day. Phelps fn 985 Flood 103
...Hitler's speech was played down in the major Munich newspapers, Phelps 984-5
...he delivered one of his lectures at the local barracks Phelps 980
...regime had promised them to overthrow the Republic. Toland 105
...likely that he was introduced to General Ludendorff at this time. Hanser 221
As Marx had wanted, nearly "all morality" was "abolished," Marx  Manifesto 53
Berlin had become the center of the Dadaist movement, Toland 104
...writers and artist wrote "manifestos" against civilization and tradition. Roth 43
...competed against lush blondes and whip toting Amazon types. Hanser 224
Sexual licentiousness became "a triumph of chaos over law and order." Roth 43
...Sternecker Brewery and on three consecutive evenings, March 29-31, Flood 125
...must not exceed 100,000 men, including officers." Part V, Sec I, Chap I, Article 160
...and a year and a half as a propagandist, he received his "discharge." Maser 325
...cap, shirt, jacket, coat, underwear, pants, socks and shoes. Toland 106