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...Hitler decorated the walls with drawings and a picture of his mother. Waite 254
...in carpet slippers, frequently with no collar to his shirt and wearing suspenders." Hanfstaengl 49
...his favorite pieces were still by Wagner which he occasionally whistled along to. Ibid 51-2
The only pieces Hitler was ever known to have played were by Wagner or Verdi. Gun 49
...she would state. "He looks through us as if we were not there." Hanfstaengl 50
The owner of the building, who was Jewish,  Ibid 69
..."never made me feel that he regarded me differently from other people." Toland fn: 108
...on Sternecker Strasse and ate meager meals in the brewery above. Hanser 232-3
...can't be communistic....but it also can't be capitalistic." Toland 112
Hitler, who would have preferred a monarchy to the present government, Hitler, Secret Conversations 572
...received only 11 million votes as opposed to 19 million eighteen months before. Bracher 75
...lost nearly half, while the left liberal Democrats (capitalists) lost almost 60%.) Enc. B. Vol. 10, 279
...and supporters of the Weimar Republic ever achieve a majority. See Passant 151
...Nationalists and the People's Party) nearly doubled theirs to over nine million. Bracher 75
...or forty people to join the party. After one meeting 92 newcomers signed up. Phelps fn: 985
...summer Hitler was speaking to over 1800 people at an average meeting. Payne 151
...down the nations that they will be forced to offer us world domination." Heiden 3
...and "appeared" to be a genuine document written by Jews for Jews. Toland 107, Flood 131
...(which Hitler would pay tribute to a few years later) Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 930 (or Manheim 639)
...comparable to some of the promotional posters used by Hitler to sell his ideas. Ibid 517-559
On the reverse side of the ad, testimonials, which Hitler also liked to use,  Ibid 530, 535, 552
...power in the world today.        --Professor Theological Seminary   In author's possession.
...as "a most formidable sect, the most formidable sect in the world." Toland fn 540
...noted one Jewish reporter, "passions were whipped up to the boiling point." Dawidowicz 61
..."Hang them!" and "Beat them to death!" rose from the audience. Flood 132
...he ought to go, where he belongs, in his own state of Palestine." Flood 145
He called for "the removal of the Jews from the midst of our people." Toland 108
...class" or "middle class," the Munich Post called him a "rabble rouser." Toland 109, Hanser 234
By August it had 725 dues paying members   Flood 151
Hitler was receiving some financial support from the army  Hanfstaengl 57
...one big backer at that time, our unforgettable Dietrich Eckart." Heiden 113
...Hitler began receiving funds from a "group of wealthy men." Dietrich 163
..."headstrong individualists" who owned "small and medium-sized" businesses. Heiden 113
...who wished to attend--"friends as well as foes." Flood 132
...because of "their wonderful esthetic effect," as he put it,   Mein Kampf,  Manheim 495
...in the 'swastika' the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man." Ibid 496-7
...or the first time hung up our new party flag....it remained always before our eyes." Heiden 97
...Drexler was in the front row center while Hitler was conspicuously absent. Flood 153-4
...the cozy relationship between Drexler and Hitler began to crumble. See Flood 163
...joined the Thule Society and narrowly escaped death at the time of the "soviet republic." Hanfstaengl 76-7
...or coffee at each stop while the fun loving Eckart indulged himself and picked up the bills. Flood 141
...he spoke reasonably, simply and earnestly, and was always convincing. Payne 345-6; Speer, Spandau 38
"Have rarely listened to such a logical and fanatical man." Shirer fn: 75
Others found him "pleasant," " modest," "friendly"    Hanfstaengl 38
...and a person who was interested it them.  Schramm 23
...he demonstrated.... Within this circle, in fact, Hitler...was a good comrade." Ibid
He would continue to hold such informal meetings for the rest of his life. Schramm fn: 131-2
"What a jolly chap he is," Hitler would state. Hitler, Secret Conversations 322
...began receiving occasional funds from one or two "national-minded Bavarian industrialists." Hanfstaengl 58
...industrialists would provide not only recognition for Hitler but larger sums of money. Fest 144
...gratitude to these early contributors and would praise them for years to come. Speer Spandau 73
For the present, however, the party still lived from hand to mouth. Dietrich 170-3
...movies in the evenings and normally part of his inner circle accompanied him. Hanfstaengl 83
...generation to generation as an unalterable fact to be believed forever.  Picker 445, see also
        Dietrich 148 and Toland 154 for Hitler's disdain for astrology or occultism.

**...Cafe Osteria-Bavaria on Schelling Strasse,**  It was here where Hitler wooed Eva Braun who worked, one block down the street, as a clerk and bookkeeper, in Heinrich Hoffmann's photography studio.

...he looked like an American gangster, but that he was a good tipper. Hanfstaengl 160
...they don't even look to see what it is, so long as it seems to them well-meaning.   Speer Spandau 260
The company Hitler enjoyed most of all, however, was "pretty"   Maser 205, Mosley 94, see Gun 156
...or "beautiful women," Hanfstaengl 52
...women of all ages, and classes, were attracted to him.  Waite 53, Fest 142, Gun 68-9
As one observer noted, women sniffed "the smell of a barbaric wildness"   Hanser 221
As another observer noted: "The women were crazy about him."  Flood 148
...Hitler's normally low rough voice became soft and gentle. Maser 201, Gun 68
...politely and charmingly with an awkward bow or kiss of the hand. Hanfstaengl 53, Gun 69, Dietrich 203-4
He would always stand on introduction and remain so until they sat down. Maser 201
...remarks in the presence of a woman and became embarrassed when others did. Infield 27
...suffering from the slightest discomfort, Hitler showed nothing but concern. Maser 201
...he would hear a woman out quietly and with patience   Maser 201; Gun 131 & 168
...humor he had during the war and enjoyed laughing   Flood 150
...He was also superb at mimicking children and women. Hanfstaengl 68
...when introduced to Hitler, usually came away charmed and gratified. Maser 200-201, Gun 68
A young female university student found Hitler "charming, tender" and "modest." Waite 54
Another young woman stated: "I felt myself melt in his presence."   Gun 69
...he had "a remarkable charm despite all the reports of his ruthlessness." Waite 54
...I'd far rather...pick out some pretty little typist or sales-girl as my partner." Hitler, Secret Conversations 570
...interacting at social gatherings with cultivated women." Picker 124.
...dedicated to his mission of "saving" Germany that he had to forsake women. Dietrich 218-19
...found one who appealed to him, would have been impossible to conceal. Speer Spandau 101
On the other hand, Hitler had an eye for beautiful, uncultivated, younger women    Maser 205
...who were, as he put It, "weich, suss und dumm" ("gentle, sweet and dumb")   Waite 57
Graf was a honest and decent fellow   Hanfstaengl 48
He fancied himself a ladies' man and was suspected of being a pimp. Hanser 280
...Maurice liked to laugh and had a mischievousness about him that appealed to Hitler. Hanfstaengl 186
Maurice looked like the leader of a Latin band    Payne picture facing 402
...and enjoyed chasing the ladies. Toland 144
...Hitler still considered marriage and sex to be inseparable for most people,   Hitler, Secret Conversations 247
...for a young woman who has an illegitimate child and raises it than for an old maid."  Picker 117
He openly scorned the "pretentious upper ten thousand"  Picker 118
...for their moral "hypocrisy" and the Church for its prudishness. Hitler, Secret Conversations 397
...and held them "responsible for mass abortions." Ibid 447
"There is no more primitive instinct than love," Hitler would say,  Ibid 605
...and he talked often about "wonderful," "dazzling,"  Picker 90
...and "ravishing" beauties. Hitler, Secret Conversations 204
""What beautiful women there are,"  Picker 90
...and "he certainly had an eye for good-looking women." Hanfstaengl 176
...to respond accordingly to the smiles of inviting maidens” Hitler, Secret C... 397, Picker 210
...Hitler would sometimes drift from one night spot to another looking for women. Toland 144
...Hitler also liked them full figured, especially big busted.  Maser 205
Many of Hitler's favorite paintings were of dark haired Latin beauties   Waite pictures following 268
...mistresses would range from those of "distinctly Slavonic appearance" to fair skinned blondes. Maser 205
...he one thing that put him off was a woman who was too easy or too experienced. Infield 27
...gave a woman the impression that he thought her beautiful and worthy of his admiration." Maser 200
...kissed their hand and always offered flowers, especially orchids. Gun 72, Schramm 61
...one acquaintance described him as looking like a "hairdresser on his day off." Hanfstaengl 22
"We chased the girls together and I used to follow him like a shadow,"  Gun 11
...evening would end with Hitler escorting a young woman to his room. Toland 144, See also Hanfstaengl 201-2
...flowers, candy, knickknacks and other items of modest value. Infield 27, Gun 143
...The stress is lightened and everything remains on the level of a gift.” Picker 89
...or "I have only one love and that is Germany"    Hanfstaengl 76
...or stop in at places were women were known to gather. Toland 145
...Hitler feigned indifference around his more sophisticated circle,   Flood 364
"Hitler circulated quite at his ease in the mist of all this nudity." Gun 72
Another frequent stop of Hitler's was the Cafe Weichard opposite the National Theater    Toland 141
He got to be on intimate terms with some actresses and also dancers   Maser 198
...who he felt were underpaid and mistreated. Hitler, Secret Conversations 465-6
...among his male followers, voiced no objection when around such liberated ladies.   Maser 201
...eyebrows when he was seen being driven around Munich by "smoking ladies."   Flood 188
...was surprised one evening when Hitler began demeaning his own abilities as a speaker. Ibid
...readers of their own stamp. None of them knew how to speak to the people." Hitler, Secret Conversations 63
...had to be taken because it was good for one; but it certainly tasted unpleasant." Mein Kampf, Murphy 268
...his glass of beer, one to a cafe, and others simply into the fresh air. Ibid 268-9
"Out into the fresh air!" he would add, "That was also my feeling.   Ibid 269
...sooner or later, falls a victim to the slap-bang methods of Communist propaganda." Hanfstaengl 54
...must be true, since we say it over and over again." Gun 178