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... he began attracting more and more risky attention from the Communist opposition. Hanfstaengl 186
...the brutal handling by our guards was able again and again to thwart our adversaries intentions." See Mein
, Reynal & Hitchcock 720-1; Manheim 483; Murphy 269.
Because of the attacks launched against the party by the "Left"   Fest 150
...to act as beer hall bouncers against "Communist and Social Democrat intruders." Hanser 266
...I began by creating a service to keep order....It was confined to that." Hitler, Secret Conversations 265 (see also 
      Mellenthin xvi fn).
...learned that principle in the street battles between the SA and the Red Front." Speer, Spandau 43
...portray the party as a brutal rapist of 'harmless' participants." Flood 162
..."I would rather have one hundred Negroes in the hall than one Jew." Flood 162
...advertisements for party meetings would carry the notation: "Jews not admitted." Mein Kampf, Reynal &
        Hitchcock 517-558
...featured or supporting speaker at over 60% of the meetings. See Flood 163 & Fest 136
...attacks against Jews and liberals (he harbored ideas of hanging the bourgeoisie)   Hanser 275
...known as "those Bavarian vulgarians" by newer members of Hitler's circle. Speer, Sandau 443
...that even Hitler found him embarrassing at times. Fest 144
A great lady's man    Heiden 292, Hanfstaengl 191
... he often boasted of his ability to live off his mistresses. Shirer 79
...Hitler spoke for two hours but the audience "could have listened to him for days." Flood 160
...Hitler's fight against this attitude was to take him years.")  Hanfstaengl 102
...from large associations of big industrialists, employers and bankers   Heiden 113
...links with any group or individual which might become politically powerful. Nicholls fn 158
...Trotsky believed, the victory of a Communist takeover would be assured. Valtin 202
..."clearly succeeding in presenting a non-Communist program." Hanfstaengl 38
Ludendorff was closely associated with Scheubner-Richter   Hanfstaengl 91
...the important contact between Hitler and Ludendorff was established.  Bracher 90
...the existing government in Berlin which they referred to as the "Jews' Republic." Fest 138
...the President as a "brothel-keeper" or the Republic's flag as "a filthy rag."  Heiden 117
...take over the military leadership with Hitler as political head. See Toland 111 & Hanfstaengl 79
...could boast of over 2,000 dues paying members. See  Flood 163 & Toland 112
...twenty right-wing organization and their "newspaper of record,"  Flood 164
...an additional 4,000 through street-sellers and newsstand sales. Hitler, Secret Conversations 438 & Flood 166
...which equaled the yearly wages of nine average Germans. Flood 165
...(a political philosopher) and Rousseau (philosopher and composer). Waite 69
...boycotts of the paper and its street sellers were often beaten up. Hitler, Secret Conversations 224
...orientation" and not by "a so-called objective viewpoint."  Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 467
...thankfully, for the constant worries about the Party press." Picker 270 Also see Hitler, Secret C... 438
("Hitler...anticipated modern economic policy,"   Kenneth Galbraith as quoted in Toland fn 424
..."full of disgust and revulsion" because of the "cowardice"    Mein Kampf  Manheim 491
...to have an undermining effect on our already sick fellow Germans."  Flood 175
... for the police informing Hitler, "in writing,"  Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 725, Manheim 487
...disrupt or picket controversial plays and performances    Flood 175
...After a few NAZI demonstrations and "minor" brawls   Toland 118
...performances that the majority of people found offensive. Flood 175-6
...the "great parties," ignored the Allied ultimatum. Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 739
...decided to have a combined "demonstration of protest."  Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 739
...fear it would be "broken up by the Reds." Toland 114;  Mein Kampf, Manheim 498-9
... to carry out the demonstration of protest on my own." Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 739
...the summer of 1922, there were only around 400 SA men.  Payne 168
...speak on "FUTURE [PROSPECTS] OR DECLINE." Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 519, 521-23
...it was possible that assault and murder would take place."  Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 740
...not to be "disgraced in the eyes of the Workers' Community" Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 740
... as though they were "the sole owners of this monopoly." Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 741
...about six and a half thousand people may have been present. Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 741-42
...for the most part consisted of members of the lower middle class.   Flood, picture following 466, See also Mein
, Reynal & Hitchcock 742--"Pictures were made of this first meeting in the Zirkus Krone."
...minor-civil servants, young people, and skilled workers.  Hanfstaengl 33
...she saw in the streets, was enough to win her over. Speer 18
...they contributed more generously per capita than the men.   Flood 177
...had women in their ranks who shrank from nothing."  Hitler, Secret Conversations 126-7
...disturbers than was the case in tightly crowded halls." Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 740
...once said, "will never be an effective speaker." Waite 59
"Only he who harbors 'passion' in himself can arouse 'passion,'" Ibid 60
...not only of the words but also the accompanying gestures, was unmistakable." Ibid 60
...Only them, Hitler wrote, did the audience find its "relaxing conclusion." Mein Kampf 561, see Reynal &
        Hitchcock 742-43; Manheim 500-1; Murphy 278

**...be opposed to "democratic and socialist dreams."** Flood 18. The professor, Max von Gruber (1853-1927), was at this time, president of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. He had made his name in 1896 by
contributing to the fight against typhoid. By 1924 however, he would become "professor of racial hygiene at Munich University..., uncontested authority in racial questions [and by that time) ...impassioned nationalist." Heiden 190

...they romanticized the values and ideas of their remote past."  Dawidowicz 30-1
...the new things which did not fit into that conception were bad." Hanfstaengl 30
...Hitler later wrote: "We could no longer be ignored." Mein Kampf, Murphy 278, Manheim 501
...beer hall much frequented by a better class of people." Hanfstaengl 100
...who were selling out Germany "in doglike submissiveness." Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 528
"GERMANY AWAKE" proclaimed his poster. Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 529
...-eight-hundred people, attended one of the meetings. Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 530-532
...we held our protecting hands over the National Socialist Party and Herr Hitler." Toland 115-16
...thought of him and he had nothing but "contempt" for them. Hitler, Secret Conversations 126
...especially family background which mean so much to them. Hitler, Secret Conversations 155
..."Hasn't everyone in this land sprung from the peasantry. Picker 97
...he is sacrificing himself in the most selfless fashion. Fest 139
..."Your Excellency can unconditionally trust Hitler." Flood 190
Shortly after, Kahr mentioned Hitler "in terms of praise"  in the Bavarian congress.  Fest 139
...in a "subordinate" position when dealing with the bourgeoisie.   Hanfstaengl 43-4
...main objective was to use him and the thought embittered him. See Schramm fn: 41
...attraction to their drawing-rooms, others seek various advantages." Hitler, Secret Conversations 224
...at the time of our struggle were simply aesthetes." Hitler, Secret Conversations 127
...of "First Chairman," but with Drexler as "coadjutor in the executive committee." Fest 148
...who secretly despised Hitler "for his lack of higher education"  Heiden 253
...A merger, they felt, would curb Hitler's freedom of action,   Bullock 49
...German Socialists had thirty-five locals throughout Germany, including one in Munich.   Flood 164
He had the perception (which is something he had in abundance)   Schramm 34
...their chance to cut the "would-be big shot," as they saw it, down to size.   Fest 147
...Drexler (who was "weak and uncertain" according to Hitler),  Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock 493
...empowered the Augsburg local to hold the negotiations on behalf of the party.   Flood 199
...having to listen. The meeting led to nothing. Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock fn 483
...discussing a prearranged plan which had been worked out in detail.  Flood 199
...their aim was no longer a merger but a complete takeover of Hitler's party.   Bracher 94
...did not support me, but on the contrary continued the negotiations."  Flood 199

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