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Giving birth four months after one was married was not a "serious embarrassment." Smith 20-1
...a "modest, kindly," and "gentle" woman like Klara   Bloch 35,37
...at the age of fourteen, to become a cobbler. Smith 21
...daughter of a wealthy tobacco merchant who came with a sizable dowry. Gun 33
...rewarded in 1875 with a promotion to Senior Assistant Customs Officer. Jetzinger 37
...Alois had already been using the Hitler name for at least six months, Maser 15
...by Jan 6, 1877, Payne 7
...Alois Schicklgruber was officially and legally known as Alois Hitler. Maser 16-17, Gun 32
When Alois's first wife developed a lung ailment and became invalid   Smith 28
...Klara did her best to nurse her back to health, Smith 33
On August 10, 1884, Alois' second wife also died. Jetzinger 40
Before the morning was over, Alois was back at work. Waite 153
...Klara continued to address her husband as "uncle." Binion 22, 54
...a meticulous housekeeper, and an affectionate mother. Bloch 35-36, Smith 41-42, 51
...she quickly added, "But does such a thing ever happen?" Kubizek 34
..."very healthy, lively child who developed very well," Toland 7
...being in a hurry to return home to care for her children. Waite 162
...the first time in the village of Fischlham two miles away. Gun 35
... very much alert, obedient" but like many boys, "lively." Jetzinger 57
...abruptly retired on June 25, 1895, after 40 years service. Jetzinger 47
...efficiency and, not least, in his determination to succeed," Jetzinger 37
...to Higher Collector and the promotion came automatically with service. Ibid
...no reported violent outbursts, no feuds, and no tyrannical upheavals. Payne 13-14
...neighbors thought that Klara had turned Adolf into a Muttersohnchen (mama's boy), Bloch 36
...he would still complain: "My stepmother always took his part." Toland 9
...Laguna Dam, the first Federal structure built across the Colorado River. Pictures in authors possession.
...parts of the abbey, including the main gateway [Payne 20] and on the pulpit. Maser 25
He took voice lessons at the choir school, Smith 61
At nine years old he became an altar boy   Maser Notes 6, Dietrich 152
...stood on a kitchen chair and mimicked the priests giving sermons. Toland 12
...he nevertheless considered a parish priest a model, Mein Kamph, Reynal & Hitchcock 7
...would hang on to Alois' coattails when he went to "hit" Adolf.   Jetzinger 61
He would later state that they were "necessary"  Speer 124
... little or no difference from that of other people."  Mein Kamph, Reynal & Hitchcock 30
He also continued to tend bees and wrote articles on beekeeping. Jetzinger 44
...to smoke all the time--in other words, a good excuse for another cigar." Hitler, Secret Conversations 567
...suspenders [and] a small green hat with a feather in its band." Bloch 36
...had been very close to his younger brother, the death left a lasting wound. Payne 22
...and watched while his little brother was lowered into his grave. Waite 196
...sitting on the high cemetery wall "gazing up at the stars"  Payne 23
...or talking to the "windblown trees." Payne 28

**...it is they who cause the child to become aware of sin.")**  Both Picker and Heim, who made notes of Hitler’s “Table Talk,” where answerable to Bormann (one of the top men in NAZI Germany who wanted to preserve Hitler’s words for “posterity“). There can be little doubt that both Picker and Heim “softened,” and intellectualized, Hitler’s vocabulary. Furthermore, most translations, including mine, of Hitler’s Tischgesprache into the English version of “Table Talk“ or “Secret Conversations” have been very kind to Hitler. Understanding Hitler’s personality and the way he talked in private, a more appropriate English translation of this sentence would probably read: “When our piggish priests question a seven year old child in the confessional about sin, it is through such depraved methods that these shit-heads cause the child to become aware of sin.” Picker 107, also see Secret Conversations 310.

...his half brother and later forbade all mention of his name. Maser 27

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