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The slim Adolf, Kubizek thought, "appeared almost elegant."  Kubizek 143
"Later we shall see." Kubizek 140
...and in the working districts 4 to 5 persons shared these "flats." Jenks 37, Other housing comments  26-39
"Oh, excuse me, gentlemen," she calmly said as she redid the belt. Kubizek 146-7
...the next, practicing on the piano Kubizek had rented. Kubizek 153
...but always "filled with a tireless urge to be active." Jetzinger 119
...It's not a bad thing for me that I had to have a rough time of it." Hitler, Secret Conversations 214
...only soup, a main dish and dessert were served--there was never an entree." Ibid 63
...(which served a particular nut-cake he enjoyed) was a favorite of Jewish college students. Hanser 91
He was particularly found of the Vienna Boys Choir. Kubizek 153
... he wished to see it fought against relentlessly." They burned the calling card. Kubizek 236-237
...and gave him, to quote Kubizek, "a sound box on the ears." Kubizek 187
...Tristan thirty or forty times, and always from the best companies." Hitler, Secret Conversations 321
...the music had a profound, exhilarating influence on him.  Kubizek 188, 192
...Hitler always praised Wagner with passionate devotion.  Kubizek 189
("one of the sweetest and tenderest passages of which the Lyric stage can boast") Kobbe 186
As with Lohengrin, Hitler knew the Meistersingers by heart. Deitrich 151
Aida, and Figaro, are two of the most popular operas ever performed in their time. Kobbe 69
...or brilliant eyes, or some mysterious quality that can't be described. Kubizek 226-8, 236
...reminded him of Stefanie and "roused his enthusiasm in the part of Elsa in Lohengrin." Kubizek 59
Hitler, like many others of his time had a fear of catching the disease Kubizek 239
to bring the "plague" under control to insure the "health" of the nation. Mein Kamph, Reynal & Hitchcock 337-42
...with lower class waitresses or the like, while 75% had their first romp with prostitutes. Maser 197
...to satisfy their sexual urges while the women were only concerned with their "earnings" Kubizek 236
"this sink of iniquity, where even prostitution was made the object of the artist's glorification." Kubizek 232
...prostitution, saw nothing wrong with young men "chasing the girls." Hitler, Secret Conversations  646
...old habits, previous ideas, general opinions and "prudishness in certain circles," Mein Kamph, Reynal &
        Hitchcock 342.
...one cannot help suspecting that those who have been spared have nothing particular to offer!" Hitler, Secret
...my time in Vienna, I knew many beautiful women"* Picker 90.
...exploring the city and never brought up the subject again. Kubizek 168
...and children; and, at the time, the luxury of a private bath." Kubizek 169
...appears to have attempted to write a handbook or manual on the subject. See Kubizek 259 & 261
...Spanish painter, Bartolome Murillo, who's art work Hitler knew well. See Hitler, Secret Conversations 290-1
...of a large number of operas and acquired an amazing knowledge of stagecraft. Speer, Spandau 97-8
...a musical idea which he considered bold and important, without being able to pin it down." Kubizek 197-8
...and was appalled by politicians and their, as he called it, "ridiculous institution." Mein Kamph, Reynal &
        Hitchcock 99.
...and Hitler fit in well. "Isn't this a dog's life," Kubizek 150
...devoted much of his thinking to moving people out of  "distress and poverty." Kubizek 174
...earned them his undying hatred. "He who resigned," he stated, "lost his right to live." Kubizek 163
...I threw my cigarettes in the Danube and have never touched another. Picker 126
...all tobacco factories should be closed and the importation of tobacco, cigars, and cigarettes be forbidden.
        Kubizek 171.
...in letters of fire, the slogan: 'Danger, tobacco smoke kills; danger: Cancer.'" Gun 218
...such "contemptible institutions ... only symbolized the segregation of the social classes." Kubizek 150
...Hitler "unhesitatingly" associated with the "simple, decent but underprivileged people." Kubizek 162
He thought something should be done for the "'little man,' the 'poor betrayed masses.'" Kubizek 246
...and arrogant demeanor of the upper classes "roused in him a demoniacal hatred." Kubizek 160
He continuously railed "against the privileged position of certain classes." Kubizek 206
...He then signed the letter: "Your friend, Adolf Hitler." See Kubizek 217 & Maser Notes 15-16
..."Since your departure I have been working very hard often again until 2 or 3 in the morning." Maser Notes 11
...Kindest regards to you and your esteemed parents.   Adolf Hitler. Kubizek 257
...a "sharp attack of bronchial catarrh," but was "writing quite a lot lately." Kubizek 261
...gentlemen .... #24 Adolf Hitler ... April 20, 1889, German, Catholic .... Not admitted to test. See Heiden 53
...defiantly neglected in the high school " Hitler stated, "now took its bitter revenge." Mein Kampf 19
...used to have his lunch at the Hitler house in Linz, and they also "lost touch." Jetzinger 86