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Hitler arrived at the main railroad station (Hauptbahnhof) in Munich on May 25, 1913. Hanser 44
...reminded him of his childhood and he was "full of enthusiasm." Hitler, Secret Conversations 117
...he was glad to see that Hitler "was far from shabby." Maser 51
His wife found Hitler to be a well mannered "Austrian charmer." Maser 74
...but always the economizer he soon brought sausage, Speer 98
...he would just stay in his room for days painting or "with his nose buried in heavy books"  Maser 74
The Popps' children and parents were also "very fond of the young man"   Ibid
...a well tailored topcoat which Hitler kept, like his room, in impeccable order. Maser 51
...sold his paintings to the Kunsthandlung Stuffle (an art shop) on Maximilian Strasse   Maser 53
...references to him as a housepainter or paperhanger stem from his residency with the Popps. Hanser 46
...his friends considered Hitler an "emancipated, interesting figure." Cross 46
...his political views were consistent and that he liked to predict political developments. Fest 65
...had no liking for politics found the discussions insufferable and ended up moving. Maser 70
...befriended a lawyer, Ernst Hepp, and his wife at this time. See Maser Notes 90
...officers in shorts taking part in a relay race." Hitler Secret Conversations 606
...and letting the state take over or share in the profits of big industry  Hanisch 297
...clerks and drifters who populated the pubs he usually favored." Hanser 53
...consisted of teachers, professors and those working in the news media. Hanser 75
...an enemy of any kind of terror," an acquaintance would later state. Hanisch 297
...forms and colors, and whose subject was incomprehensible..." Hanser 48
...let themselves be screwed and swallowed all the crap.  See Hitler, Secret Conversations 354 & Mein Kampf  75-76, 282-288.
...he did paint one while still in Vienna which depicted a tranquil street scene. Sulzberger 48
...yet, he did an extensive detailed drawing before painting it. Walther 22
...paint "signs" of the days bargains in grocery stores and butcher shops. Hanser 46
...always been a lean and frail person suffering from "bronchial catarrh." Kubizek 261
... we shall provisionally refrain from handing him over as requested...." See Jetzinger 150 Maser 75
...one omission over the military report, which at the time was not known to me." Jetzinger 153
...could easily have been obtained through the latter at any time." Jetzinger 152-3
...address, Linz. Catholic, single. Now resident [District] XX Meldemann Strasse 27." Heiden 70
"Law enforcement in Austria was proverbially genial, if not sloppy." Jenks 94
...to avoid another bureaucratic entanglement, spelled Hitler's name as "Hietler" See Jetzinger 146; Maser 75
...his correct name and on one occasion wrote "Hitler, Adolf"  Jetzinger 149
...was rejected because he was "too weak" for armed service. Jetzinger 155
..."out of [every] 1000 conscripts 716 were unfit for military service.") Marx, Capital Vol 1 fn: 239
Only after being rejected on the third occasion would he be exempt from military service. Jetzinger 145
...worried that the incident would ignite revolts among the other restless "races"  March 48
...limited military operations, which were considered justifiable, even in London." Lee 6
Germany also believed the war would not go beyond a localized affair. Lee 65
With the encouragement and advice of France,  Lee 6, Rothrock 314-15
which "in effect gave a blank check to Russia,"  Palmer 668, also Rothrock 315
...French loans was Russia--over 11 milliard--over 2 billion U.S. dollars). Ashworth 173
...but a war for the almost complete elimination of [Germany]." Kochan 1
...ended any hope of a localized conflict and "forced Germany's hand." Rothrock 315
Novelists, historians, theologians, composers, poets and other persons of quality led the fervor. Gay 348
...and that social revolution might raise its ominous head." Lasswell 47
...(one-third of its 35,000 members were engaged in academic professions at this time)   Bracher 20
Such diverse German elements from the noted poet Rainer Rilke   Gay 348
...A fight for freedom had begun, greater than the world had ever seen before." Hitler, Mein Kampf 177
...for the first time in years, he was conscious of being an Austrian. Gay 346
The coming war was viewed (even by such intellectuals as Thomas Mann) as a "purification" process. Gay 348
...except for a dozen disunited socialists in Russia who were promptly jailed. Palmer 720
...flowers would be stained with blood. There in no lovelier death in the world...   Hanser 85
...effective means of modern war, essential therefore even for defense." Taylor 13
...supported the war on this principle and became an active propagandist for Britain. Taylor 37, Lasswell fn 135
...or landed some troops on British soil that it might open "their eyes." Gay 353
"I thought he might be an academic because a lot of them had joined the...Regiment." Maser 78
...he was eager for battle and afraid the war might end before he saw action. Hanser 82, Fest 69.

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