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Artist Admissions Test.

Adolf Hitler and 112 other candidates submitted their paintings and drawings at the Art Academy and along with 79 others, Hitler passed on to the second part of the test. This part was held at the beginning of Oct. and lasted for two days. Each day the candidates had three hours to select and complete a "test drawing." All of the selections were religious. On the first day they were called upon to choose between the Expulsion from Heaven, Return of the Prodigal Son, Cain kills Abel or Adam and Eve find Abel's body. Each test drawing was connected with a set of compulsory drawings. There was a similar program the following day and the students were called upon to draw either an Episode from the Flood, The Magi, the Good Samaritan or the Blinding of Samson along with their compulsory drawings.1

Hitler chose to do the Expulsion from Heaven the first day, and an Episode from the Flood the second day. By choosing these two selections his compulsory drawings consisted of Spring, Death, Rain, Morning, Mercenaries, Building workers, etc. which were further meant to test his abilities. In a few days the Academy published a list of the candidates results. For the year 1907-08 the Academy's records contained the following entry:

Composition exercises in drawing. First day: Expulsion from Paradise, etc.
Second day: Episode from the Deluge, etc .... The following took the test
with insufficient results.... Adolf Hitler ... [born] April 20, 1889, German,
Catholic. Father civil servant.... Few heads. Test drawing unsatisfactory."2


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